How Does Backblaze Work?

home cloud storageCalifornia-based Backblaze provides on-line backup and cloud storage space for customers and businesses. For $ 5.00 per month , you get unlimited disk space to make a constantly updated back-up of your hard drive data. In the two-year membership, the monthly price drops to around $ 3.95 per month.

As well as the end-user cloud backup supplying, which is certainly unlimited in conditions of space for storage, Backblaze also offers a solution aimed more particularly at business clients: B2 Cloud Storage space. B2 is easy compared to the competition and various in orientation. His power lies even more in fully automatic cloud computing for businesses than in his suitability as a dropbox choice.

Synchronization with the pc via the program is not possible here, nor is collaboration on shared directories. You can only upload and download data files via the browser or the app. Additional features require advanced technical know-how and the usage of B2 and third-party software.

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy cloud storage space à la Dropbox, check out our cloud storage testing article for certain.

$ 5.00 or also less monthly is cheap compared to the competition and takes care of when the pc loses its mind or gets dropped. Until then, Backblaze will run discreetly in the backdrop after installation and keeps a constantly updated backup duplicate of your local data.

home cloud storage offers its website and software in many languages, but the German version reaches least partially machine translated and bumpy to inedible. Sadly, this is a rule instead of an exception for all of us backup providers.

For 15 days you can test the backup assistance of Backblaze free of charge . To register on the site, you only need an e-mail address and you do not have to enter any payment information. Thus, there is no threat of unintentional transition to a paid subscription.

Following the first login, a web link can look for downloading the desktop software for Macintosh or Windows. Your account has already been authorized in the installer.

You can adjust these configurations to your needs in the configurations.

To ensure a complete backup, Backblaze does not ask what files ought to be included, but instead offers you the option to eliminate web directories from the back-up. Apart from the mentioned exceptions, everything is usually in the beginning.

If you only want a back-up of a few web directories, then you have to laboriously exclude all the directories individually. In this instance, SpiderOak would be a much better choice, where you can put together the back-up data freely.

To create and begin the first back-up is thus bit more than to install the program. That’s easy. In the next section you will learn more about the optional configurations of the program.

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